Fight On

I dedicate this to of those who have come before me, the ones here with me and the ones to come after. I dedicate this to the ones who dared to dance on fire and become engulfed in their passions. Dripping sweat and sweet waters. For the women who have drank honeyed sap from the... Continue Reading →


The Girl In The Red Dress

My red lips hug my red wine stained teeth, as I force another smile. Some call this life tragic, I cling to the idea of being liberated by the truth.   Granted freedom by those Cheap Kisses   At some point  in time my body belonged to some-one else, A girl with a name and... Continue Reading →

Undeniable Woman

Broken to pieces We all stand All around us, we are ... laughing with chipped teeth and cracked smiles filled with beauty, Hollowed out to suit the clay. All around us, we break, broken, shards of memory together - in - string without. We are. Whole. Smashed to little itty bitty pieces of The Undeniable... Continue Reading →

Think of Me

I want you to think of me. Not in a dissecting manner, not because you are afraid of the moment you'll fly through the air because you didn't hold on to something. Don't use me to fill spaces before new spaces have emerged. I am too big and too small for that. I just want... Continue Reading →

I am No Cannibal

My chest is tight with rage. Condemned with feeling, I am, Suspended in a purgatory of indignation. . Some floating thoughts simmer stale forming a stew of bile and undigested words peppered with indigestible actions. You disgust me and you know it. I know it. You always have. My contempt clicked-in when I checked-in. You... Continue Reading →

Oshun’s Daughter

I am Oshun’s Daughter, My mother is both the sweet waters and the cool breeze. I am both a force for creation and re-creation. Breathing life into dead vessels. She sustains me. Healing my battle broken bones with tools fashioned out of my wounds. I exist as duality. Both creator and creation. Child of the... Continue Reading →

Poetic Just-Us

Here we are bubbling beings, In this small space we call home. The corrugated iron and newspaper we have fashioned into comfort, Comforts us with our privacy, And fashions a place where we make sense. Out there in the world there is no room for this girl and boy But here you are my king-queen... Continue Reading →

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