Undeniable Woman

Broken to pieces We all stand All around us, we are ... laughing with chipped teeth and cracked smiles filled with beauty, Hollowed out to suit the clay. All around us, we break, broken, shards of memory together - in - string without. We are. Whole. Smashed to little itty bitty pieces of The Undeniable … Continue reading Undeniable Woman


Think of Me

I want you to think of me. Not in a dissecting manner, not because you are afraid of the moment you'll fly through the air because you didn't hold on to something. Don't use me to fill spaces before new spaces have emerged. I am too big and too small for that. I just want … Continue reading Think of Me

My Erotic

You are my erotic, I crave the way our honeyed love drops from your tongue, runs past those fat lips, and drips into my ears with your delicate 'I love you's' You give purpose to my creation. Affirming me, your hands run across my bosom, stirring my mounds ,tickling my outstretched belly, Reminding me that … Continue reading My Erotic

The House of Keys

The nighttime silences are filled with the sounds your locks, their clicks tell stories of memories stored away in boxes, in rooms, in minds. Within these Tupperwares of life are torn pantyhose and cracked eyeshadows that tell stories of foregone mistresses and long resolved arguments. Tales of abuse and neglect are peppered with the achievements … Continue reading The House of Keys